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Coronavirus Pandemic Response

At a time when the country is facing its worst nightmares in the form of a deadly virus (COVID-19), the condition of a large section of individuals working in the unorganized sector have worsened through the nationwide lockdown of 21 days. Majority of this section are daily wage workers and migrant labourers, while some have decided to walk back to their distant homes, some have succumbed to unemployment and starvation.

Urmul Trust has spearheaded the measures to aid communities in the Thar Desert for about three decades. In these difficult times, the lockdown has further aggravated the problems and driven the people of the region to hunger and deprivation with existential water scarcity threats. To curb the disease and its repercussions, Urmul group of organisations has taken up the responsibility to aid thousands of identified individuals in the distressed districts of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Nagaur by providing immediate support and provisions for their survival through this pandemic. Since, the majority of the people in these communities are daily wage workers, farmers and artisans, they are prone to starvation and inadequate access to medical facilities owing to the current scenario. With the perseverance of our partner organisations and team in the region, people are being provided with necessary amenities and relief material.

It is essential to ensure that these vulnerable households have basic needs for their sustenance. Urmul Trust is helping them with basic provisions such as ration, water, medical supplies like masks, soaps, disinfectants and fodder for their livestock.

More than ever, this crisis is an opportunity for the people to express solidarity and help the ones in need. A small contribution can make a huge difference.
We are here to help them survive this pandemic. Would you join us?

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