Urmul Farm

Theory of change:

"Show people the alternatives, link them to the people practicing, provide them support to innovate and communities find their indigenous sustainable solutions..."

Sustainable Agriculture Programme

Through the sustainable Agricultural Program supported by #OracleGiving, We’re working withfarmers, students and agriculture enthusiasts in the remote parts of western Rajasthan. We are promoting prevalent sustainable practices, introducing alternatives, demonstrating scalable interventions and organising individuals into social venture collectives. In the last two years, we have set up a demo farm, solar micro grids, organised a seed bank owned by farmers, reached out to over 1500 farmers, setup hundreds of azolla cultivation units.

Aimed at showcasing and inspiring farmers to adopt organic and sustainable farming, the programme has been focussing on trainings, infrastructure development, exposure, and, handholding and organising farmers towards enterprises. We aim at transforming the practices and the attitudes towards responsibility and sustainability in agriculture.

We aim at advancing the agriculture program towards green enterprises, enabling farm and programme participants - through infrastructure, trainings and technology support.

Programme Activities

Programme is designed and the activities undertaken in three programme verticals: Infrastructure Development, Capacity Building and Enterprise Development.

Infrastructure Development:

  • A demo farm promoting and showcasing soil improvement, composting, rain water harvesting, indigenous seed, seed banking, orchard development, dairy development, Nursery and more agriculture and allied activities. Farm is open for everyone to come and experiment with soil and the desert living
  • Design and Installation of clean energy grids.So far commissioned two micro grids - producing around 14 KWp power at the farm.
  • Reviving traditional water harvesting structures and designing and installing new.

Capacity Building:

  • Trainings and orientation session reaching out to over 2000 farmers in the first two years.
  • Exposure trips for peer learning, innovation and knowledge transfer. Several exposure trips were undertaken in the two years to different parts of the country.
  • Advocacy sessions and workshops organised with school students.

Enterprise Development

  • Farm established as a sustainable enterprise. Business models developedfor setting up and running the cow dairy and the seed bank
  • Trainings on setting up Azolla cultivation pits and using with livestock. An impact assessment report on the work in the year 1: Impact Assessment of Azolla for Animal Husbandry
  • Composting units at the farm are used for producing high quality compost.
  • A Seed Bank is setup with community contribution of around 40% of the total costs. A steering committee manages the seed bank and regulates the procurement and disbursal. A detailed business plan has been developed, and in the next year, it’ll be consolidated as a scalable social enterprise venture.

Many community members are already the messengers of the programme beyond practising the learning themselves. Very satisfying is also the fact that the project team has had a great learning curve while working on this programme. Most of the team member had no understanding of sustainable or organic farming and are greatly benefitted by the programme. They now champion the cause out in the programme field.

Impact Stories

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